Discovering an unexpected pregnancy is stressful enough, but when you find your partner is unsupportive, it’s even more difficult. Give your partner time to absorb the news and find others who will support you. The team at PCS Health is here for you, and we have a few suggestions to help you.

Have You Confirmed Your Pregnancy?

PCS Health is the perfect place to get pregnancy confirmation and learn about your options. Confirming your pregnancy is essential to determine how far along you are, whether your pregnancy is developing, and its location.

A limited obstetrical ultrasound gives you the information you need. We provide a free limited ultrasound after you receive a positive pregnancy test from PCS Health. Make sure you get as much information about your pregnancy as possible before sharing the news.

Why Is Your Partner Unsupportive?

Finding out the reason(s) your partner is unsupportive helps you understand them better. Are they concerned about the financial responsibility? Do they not want to be a father? Do they resent that the pregnancy will take attention away from them?

Free Assistance

At PCS Health, we provide several free parenting resources. Take any number of parenting classes tailored to your specific needs. You and your partner can learn about prenatal care, childbirth, newborn care, and more.

As you complete classes, you earn “Baby Bucks” that you can trade for baby items in our Baby Boutique. Items include baby clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, toys, etc. We’re happy to supply you with what you need to begin your parenting journey.

In addition, we work with many local organizations within our community that offer financial resources and public services. We want to help guide you to a more stable future.

Do You Feel Safe?

Sometimes, an unsupportive partner leads to abuse. No one deserves to be abused physically or emotionally, and no one has the legal right to force you to make one choice over another regarding your pregnancy. How you handle your pregnancy is your decision alone.

If your partner is abusive because of your pregnancy, we encourage you to contact the National Domestic Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233). Research shows that abuse can often increase because of an unplanned pregnancy.

What Else Should I Do?

We never want you to feel alone because we are here for you. Our compassionate team can offer you physical and emotional support and friendship. You matter to us.

Contact PCS Health to schedule a free appointment to confirm your pregnancy and discuss your situation. We are ready to walk alongside you.

*PCS Health does not perform or refer for abortions.