Walking into motherhood or fatherhood sounds overwhelming, but you might be surprised at how naturally it comes to many.

So whether you’re thinking about this option or already know you want to parent, here is more information about parenting so you can feel confident about your decision. 

Am I Ready to Parent?

Parenting is a mix of excitement and hardship. The journey, like many others, comes with sacrifices and humility, along with great love and joy.

Parenting is a big decision, so it’s important to take a step back and think over your options. You may be asking yourself questions, like…

  • How am I going to work and take care of a baby?
  • How do I support my child financially?
  • What resources can I get to help?
  • Will my parents/friends support me?

These questions are normal to have when navigating an unplanned pregnancy. We can offer support and resources when navigating your pregnancy decision.

Free Parenting Resources & Support

Material Assistance

We understand that with a new baby comes the need for material resources such as diapers and clothes. Our center is happy to help supply you with what you need as you begin this new journey into parenthood. 

Community Assistance Referrals

Often, you need more parenting resources. We work with other local organizations to provide you with the community and financial resources that can guide you into a stable future. 

Parenting Classes

Hundreds of parenting classes are available to you.

Through the Earn While you Learn program you are able to earn “Baby Bucks” that can then be spent in our Baby Boutique which offers new items for you to ‘shop’ for you and your new baby. 

We are here to answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate resources. All of our pregnancy services and support are free and confidential.

*PCS Health does not perform or refer for abortions.