Many people think, “That will never happen to me.” But, one in two sexually active young people will get an STI/STD by the age of 25.

While some STIs can be treated and cured, some cannot and have lifelong effects. Even if you don’t have any STI symptoms, it’s vital that you get tested for STIs to get the clarity you need.

What is An STI/STD?

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) is an infection that can spread during sexual activity. This is also commonly referred to as a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases states, “…STDs can cause long-term health problems, particularly in women and infants. Some of the health complications that arise from STIs include pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, tubal or ectopic pregnancy, cervical cancer, and infections in infants born to infected mothers.”

Common Signs of STIs

You may have an STI/STD and not know. Untreated STIs can lead to infection and disease if not treated as soon as possible, and could infect your partner. Common signs of STI/STDs include:

  • Sores or warts on the genital area
  • Acute abdominal pain
  • Painful or frequent urination
  • Unusual discharge from the penis or vagina
  • Itching and redness in the genital area
  • Blisters or sores in or around the mouth
  • Anal itching, soreness, or bleeding

Take control of your health 

By getting tested, it will help you to stay healthy. Since STIs can go undetected, you may not know you have one unless you get tested. 

Getting tested helps ensure you can protect your wellness before long-term effects take place. Some STIs can be life-threatening if not treated and immediate medical attention is needed. PCS Health can test you for gonorrhea and chlamydia (only). We will also treat you the same day, if your test is positive. Results in approx. 45 minutes. 

Regular STI testing 

STI testing not only helps protect you and your partner’s health, but also any future children as well. Protect your partner and your future family!

Schedule a free and confidential STI testing appointment to get clarity about your sexual health journey. PCS Health tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia and will provide treatment for a positive test the same day. We are here for you.

*PCS Health does not perform or refer for abortions.